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  • Fresh back from LeakyCon, the Hogwarts Radio crew gets back to work! 
  • Jim Curry from ABC's 'The Quest' joins us!
  • What is it like as a Harry Potter fan on a reality television show?!
  • Jim talks about how he got into the Potter universe and some of his fun experiences with the fandom.
  • We get down to business and talk 'The Quest' with Jim. What he says will blow you away! 
  • The hosts wrap up discussion on LeakyCon, and talk about their favorite experiences in Orlando
  • Diagon Alley really raised the bar for any future expansions
  • Hero's, Zero's, and Accessorio's? Whe discuss who would be the one true hero of the series, as well as where we would place other characters.
  • Avada Kedavra, Amortentia, Imperio makes it's return.
  • Jim talks Quidditch practice, bowtruckles, and MORE!
  • #StandWithJim #TheQuestArmy
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  • Hogwarts Radio is broadcasting from the MuggleNet vendor booth at LeakyCon! 
  • We have an amazing prize package for MuggleNet’s #ConQuest to give away!
  • Keith breaks down the items up for grabs.
  • What are the hottest events for con-goer’s? 
  • What has been the best part of our experience so far here in Orlando? 
  • Terrance shares his Gringotts breakdown adventures with Mary and Greyson.
  • YOU’RE NEVER going to guess who we managed to snag for a quick chat! 
  • This and MUCH MUCH more on this jam packed installment of our Harry Potter podcast!
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  • The news doesn't stop! The crew is back with a full panel to talk some Harry Potter!
  • We wrap up our Diagon Alley coverage by giving a few helpful tips for first time park goers.
  • Grand Opening of Diagon Alley takes place and Hogwarts Radio host Kristen is on site enjoying the festivities!
  • Over at MuggleNet we have our "selfies" reaction!
  • Hogwarts Radio's #NameTheDragon contest is in full swing!
  • Where is the trio now? We give the scoop on what Dan, Rupert, and Emma have been up to!
  • Dumbledore's Army Reunites at Quidditch World Cup, and Rita Skeeter dishes all the deets! 
  • J.K. Rowling is a literary genius.
  • Do we think she should just write another trio centered book? 
  • What were our favorite parts of the new information?
  • THAT MYSTERIOUS SECOND SCAR!!! Does it leave the door open for J.K. Rowling to write another book?
  • Fantastic Beast of the Week and MORE!!
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J.K. Rowling releases a new book, 'The Silkworm' her second book in the Corman Strike series under pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The panel gives their thoughts on the series so far. The reviews have been phenomenal so far, but does it live up to the hype? The hosts also give their thoughts on J.K. Rowling's post-Potter works. We dish the deets on who Tom Felton would play in a Potter remake, 'Casual Vacancy' casting news, and more Diagon Alley talk round out our top news stories of the week.

Also, is it possible for a student to switch houses? Take a listen as we voice our very different opinions about this subject!

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MuggleNet is on the red carpet at Diagon Alley, and we have the scoop! Join as as we go LIVE on uStream to talk about today's breaking news out of Orlando! From the opening date of Diagon Alley, to attractions, food, rides, games and more!

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Hogwarts Radio is back for another brilliant episode! Download, listen, and interact as we take you through the top news stories, read YOUR emails on the show, and so much more! We also dissect the effects of conception (yes, we said it) under the love, and polyjuice potions. Is this even legal? What are the effects on the child, if any? 


The hosts also introduce an all new fun filled game and some of their answers will have you ROWLING with laughter!

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Earlier today we learned that Warner Bros. has MAJOR plans to split the new 'Fantastic Beasts' adaptation into three films! What was the reason behind this? How was the news released? 

  • What did Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara say about the upcoming films?
  • Fresh energy, and excitement about the project.
  • What IS a megamovie? 
  • Other film franchises have split their movies into trilogies, so how will 'Fantastic Beasts' compare?
  • Will each film be a continuation of the previous, or will we see different stories in different films?
  • The hosts agree that a novelization of the films will never occur, and we explain why!
  • Will any of the 'Potter' films cast make cameo's? You'd be surprised to hear who said they would want to!
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After an extended interrogation by those flaky ministry officials, the Hogwarts Radio team heads back to the studio to spread the truth! What DID J.K. Rowling say after all? How does Harry and Hermione make more sense than Ron and Hermione? We break down the ENTIRE interview between the Queen and Emma Watson. Was there a preverbial line crossed with Harry and Hermione? At what point in the series were they vulnerable to each other? 

LOADS of questions, MANY answers lay ahead on another exciting installment of our Harry Potter podcast! 

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This past week, The Sunday Times dropped a headline that shocked Harry Potter fans around the world! Why are people so up in arms about this new revelation? What has J.K. Rowling to say about this? WHO ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?! Listen in as Terrance, Greyson, Mary, Eric, Marissa, and MuggleNet's Keith Hawk break the story down and get fired up about the news! 

  • Where is the definitive line with canon?
  • Should New Media be considered?
  • What is the REAL reason J.K. Rowling paired Ron with Hermione? 

Don't miss out as the Hogwarts Radio crew dives deep into the story and reads reactions from fans across the interwebs! This is one episode that will get Harry Potter fans talking about these stunning new (possible) revelations around the world!

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It's our second episode release in less than 24 hours and do we have an episodes worth of Potter news to catch EVERYONE up on! From Gary Oldman in Los Angeles to Emma Watson's take on a possible comedy role, we've got it all! Join Terrance, Greyson, Mary, and Jeanna for amazing discussion as well as a few laughs on Episode 152 of Hogwarts Radio!

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